General Mills Updates Animal Welfare Policy, Will Only Buy From Cage-Free Poultry Farms

It’s a small step — one that does nothing to eliminate or reduce animal farming. However, given the size of General Mills, it’s a step in the right direction:

To advance toward a more sustainable planet including animal welfare, we will apply and work to achieve the “five freedoms” for all animals in our supply chain

  • Freedom from hunger, thirst and malnutrition.
  • Freedom from discomfort.
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease.
  • Freedom from fear and distress.
  • Freedom to engage in normal patterns of animal behavior.

We commit to working toward 100 percent cage free eggs for our U.S. operations. We recognize that the current avian influenza outbreak has been deeply disruptive to the U.S. egg supply and producers.  As the industry works to rebuild its supply chain, we will work with suppliers to determine a path and reasonable timeline toward this commitment.


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