Not Just Vegan, But *Resourcefully* Vegan

This seems like a great way to tackle the waste of Western foodways:

It sounds like a simple problem to solve: Grocery stores waste massive amounts of almost-expired food, while millions of people nearby go hungry. Why not connect the two? But the logistics of getting an overripe banana to a food bank fast enough that it can feed someone are more complicated than you think. Tesco, the U.K.’s largest chain, wasted over 100 million pounds of food last year, despite its donations to charity.

A Swedish startup is taking a different approach. Rather than trying to deliver fresh fruits that are about to go bad, they dry the fruits and turn them into a nutritional powder they’re marketing as FoPo. The powder can be mixed with water or sprinkled on yogurt or ice cream.

–“This Startup Turns Almost-Expired Fruit Into Tasty Nutritional Powder To Fight Hunger

Granted, it’s a longshot. As philosophically sound as the idea may be, its success will come down to price and marketing — specifically, marketing it at eco-friendly, safe, and healthy. Fingers crossed, though!

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