Eatsa Elbows Into The Fast-Food Market…Using Quinoa

A tiny team of quinoa fans are trying to reinvent the entire fast-food experience — and they’re doing it without meat:

Their secret? It’s science, not just more fat and salt. They undertook a roughly two-year process of collecting and analyzing data on consumer taste preferences, and engineering a taste experience—naturally, and without excessive fat, sodium, or sugar—with the addictive qualities of the best fast food. They use a few varieties of quinoa (red and white). For some dishes, they toast it, others they stir-fry it, and others they make it into a kind of backed quinoa “stuffing.” It’s delicious enough to eat plain—then, they add the fixings.

TBH, I’m not entirely sure that the “server-free” model will work. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t want customers to see the people making food, apart from some annoying architectural imperative to keep the look of the place clean and sleek and uncluttered with staff.  To me, it sounds kind of corny and Jetsons-ish. (There’s a reason the automat failed.) Seems like a design “miss” in my book.

But I could definitely see this working like, say, cafes in Italy, where you pay a cashier, and someone makes your order, based on the receipt in your hand.

And no meat anywhere in sight? I’m in.

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