The Kids Know: Young Girl Adopts Turkey To Save It

I’m wary of arguments about human nature. I think it’s really dicey to claim that we’re born believing particular things or that we have a natural propensity toward certain habits: good, evil, love, hate, selfishness, altruism.

That said, I know for certain that I’ve felt a compassion toward animals since I was very, very young. I lost it for a bit as I got older and became conditioned to eat meat, wear leather, and so on, but thankfully, I found it again.

One little girl in Northern Ireland suggests that there are other kids who feel the same way:

“When I asked Athena, who’s six, what she would like for Christmas this year… She told me she would like to save a turkey,” mum Melissa told the Belfast Telegraph. “She wanted to save a turkey for Christmas so nobody would eat it.”

“When she went to school the next day I went on the Internet and tried to source a turkey. But everybody I was phoning up said their turkeys had all been slaughtered and they were probably pre-packed in Tesco.”

Eventually, though, Bryson found a farmer who was willing to help. He had a turkey which was due to be slaughtered the next day, but he loved Melissa’s story and agreed to sell the bird to the Brysons.

“We really saved her life,” said Melissa. “We think she’s beautiful, and we’re going to keep her now as a family pet.”


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