New read: The Humane Economy by Wayne Pacelle

Here’s another addition to my already-long summer reading list: The Humane Economy by Wayne Pacelle.

As president/CEO of the Humane Society of the U.S., Pacelle obviously has strong biases on the subject of animal cruelty. Still, I’m interested to see his take on things and — if only for the few days that it takes to read the book — to get a tiny bit encouraged about the changes afoot for animals.

A slice of the review put together by Fast Company:

Over the course of the book, Pacelle, a 22-year veteran of the HSUS and its chief executive for 11 years, chronicles the innovations, policies, and public actions that are changing the fate of animals on farms, in labs, in entertainment, in the wild, and in our homes. “At the base of it all,” says Pacelle, “is the emerging consciousness of the American public,” driven, he says, by a dawning understanding of the cognitive and behavioral capacity of animals, and increased awareness of the misery visited upon them by humans.

There was no single watershed moment and no single driving force that’s brought us to this apparent inflection point; rather, “change is coming through many channels,” he says. “All these institutions—Congress, state legislatures, corporations, even courts—are all connected to public sentiment. That’s why you’re seeing change on so many different issues through so many different channels. There is an ensemble cast of characters driving the humane economy—scientists, undercover investigators, startup entrepreneurs—all of these are playing a part.”

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