Welsh dairy farmers see vegans as an urgent threat

The Welsh may not be concerned about the train wreck that is Brexit, but their dairy farmers sure are worried about vegans. Too bad the farmers don’t understand what they’re doing wrong:

Wales Dairy Show chairman Colin Evans said a rise in vegan celebrities meant farmers needed to “prove” that they “produce food in a healthy manner”….

The dairy show’s Mr Evans said the growth in the vegan movement was worrying for the industry.

“It must be of concern to us. Celebrities are now getting behind promotional drives for veganism or vegetarianism,” he said.

“We must have the answers ready for these people and to prove that we do look after our animals and we do produce food in a healthy manner.” [emphasis mine]

Mr. Evans, vegans aren’t really worried about whether you “produce food in a healthy manner”, whatever that means. They’re worried about the way you treat cows. The difference is significant.

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